Technical Writing

I admit it: many of these used to be blog posts. I realized I should redesign my site before the most recent blog post was old enough to drink.

Functional Programming

These in-depth articles use ActionScript 3 as their example language, but the concepts translate precisely to JavaScript.


Anonymous Functions in AS3

Understanding Closures and Context

Closures in List Transformation

Function Transformation


High-level commentary on complexity management and development methodology.

How We Added Time Travel to Paperless Post

An article on implementing undo and redo in the old Flash/JS hybrid version of the Paperless Post card creation app. Don’t let the term “Flash” scare you off: this article has a lot of good chunky technical information that is still useful today.

Refactoring to Events


These shorter articles have advice on specific technical topics.

Using vim-slime with Pry for REPL Perfection

Interactive Debugging with Pry

Quick Block Uncommenting