Professional Work

At Paperless Post

From May 2011 to December 2017, I worked on the design tool, the single-page webapp used to customize cards in Paperless Post. I am proud to have worked with a great team on a complex product that directly adds value to the lives of our customers.

The second incarnation of that design tool is powered by an embeddable canvas-based JavaScript module nicknamed “the viewport”. This module is at the core of the Paperless Post card system, and powers the React-based desktop web site, the Redux-based mobile web site, the iOS-based native apps, and the nodeJS-based server-side renderer.


I wrote a pretty solid undo/redo system for the old Flash/JavaScript hybrid version of the design tool. I am still proud of it! Some of my finer technical work. Required a lot of grit to go through and apply it to every aspect of the application. This article, originally from the company tech blog, describes it in detail.

And Everything Else

I will flesh this section out soon. There is a lot to tell. Sketch for later:

  • Hybrid layer refactor
  • Hybrid logic refactor
  • Viewport text input
  • Viewport mouse/touch input interpreter
  • Design tool architecture, introduction of React.js
  • MVC refactor, model architecture, batched updates and transactions
  • Recipient addressing
  • Mobile web create


According to git, my 5,376 commits and 494 pull requests add up to 171,332 lines added, 141,331 lines deleted, across 1,127 unique files in three repositories.

Edit: At the time I left the company, the PR count was over 500.