My name is Alan MacDougall. I am a software developer who lives and works in NYC. I work mainly in JavaScript and Ruby these days, but I have experience all up and down the stack, from HTML and CSS to raw SQL, and in ecosystems from .NET to Java to Python.

My heart is closer to the server-side than to the front end: I’m happier with SQL than HTML. I know my way around HTML and CSS, but I prefer to work with a skilled designer. To get the most out of me, give me a codebase smothered in technical debt and let me help you dig out.

For the last five years, I have been working as a “middle-end” developer melding business logic with UI programming in a complex single-page application, the card design system at the heart of Paperless Post. I am proud to be working on such a successful system as part of a skilled team. Some of my contributions are summarized here.

In my spare time, I have written some technical articles and hacked on some side projects.