Professional Work

Professional Work #

At GetFeedback #

This story is still being written.

At Paperless Post #

From May 2011 to December 2017, I worked on the design tool, the single-page webapp used to customize cards in Paperless Post. I am proud to have worked with a great team on a complex product that directly adds value to the lives of our customers.

The second incarnation of that design tool is powered by an embeddable canvas-based JavaScript module nicknamed “the viewport”. This module is at the core of the Paperless Post card system, and powers the React-based desktop web site, the Redux-based mobile web site, the iOS-based native apps, and the nodeJS-based server-side renderer.

Undo/Redo #

I wrote a pretty solid undo/redo system for the old Flash/JavaScript hybrid version of the design tool. I am still proud of it! Some of my finer technical work. Required a lot of grit to go through and apply it to every aspect of the application. This article, originally from the company tech blog, describes it in detail.

And Everything Else #

I did a lot of heavy lifting at Paperless Post.

  • In my first months, I proposed and led a refactor of the architecture of the Flash code behind the card design view.
  • In my first year, I proposed and led a refactor of the business logic which tied the Flash and JavaScript design components together. The refactored business logic still runs in the application today, in an evolved form.
  • As we developed the HTML5 canvas-based viewport module, a co-worker and I got elbow-deep in the fine details of text editing, since we had to implement all text interactions from scratch. Ask me about selection pivot points some time.
  • Text editing requires a lot of mouse sequences. For instance, to select one word at a time, you double click and drag before releasing the second mouse click. JavaScript only gives you mouseDown, mouseMove, and mouseUp. I wrote an extensive state machine to cover the full range of mouse input.
  • When we brought the viewport to the desktop web, replacing the old Flash/JS hybrid application, I proposed the use of React, and designed the architecture.
  • I wrote a generalized client-side data model class which implemented an Observer pattern. The model class supported transactions: we could perform a lot of model property changes before emitting a single event describing the batch of updates.
  • Right before we discontinued the Paper product, I implemented a recipient addressing feature. Knowing that the feature might not be used in the long run, I designed the data model so that it would have no impact on the rest of the database. Although the feature was not especially difficult, I consider this item an example of my technical judgment.
  • In my last project at Paperless Post, I worked with an ad hoc team to get card creation working on mobile browsers. The mobile-web app is pure JavaScript, hosted on S3, and it communicates with the server’s JSON API. I was pleased to have the opportunity to use Redux on the job, and I was satisfied to leave the company on a win.

Statistics #

According to git, my 5,376 commits and 494 pull requests add up to 171,332 lines added, 141,331 lines deleted, across 1,127 unique files in three repositories.

Edit: At the time I left the company, the PR count was over 500. A nice milestone for a major part of my professional journey.