Resume #

Alan MacDougall, Brooklyn, NYC

For more detail, visit my professional work page.

You may wish to download this abridged single-page PDF version.

Skills #

Engineering management
Full-stack web development
Single-page web application development
REST API development
Domain modeling and application architecture
Refactoring legacy code into efficient modern systems

Languages and Frameworks #

JavaScript: React.js, Redux, modern JS practices
Ruby: Rails, REST APIs, scripting
SQL: query composition and optimization
For fun: Clojure/ClojureScript, Python
The distant past: ActionScript, Java, C#, PHP

Experience #

Senior Developer, full stack, GetFeedback, Jun 2022 – Present

To support a corporate change of direction, I returned to an IC role.

  • Maintained and improved existing Salesforce integrations
  • With co-workers, implemented additional Zendesk integration features
  • Architectural responsibility for deciding our future Salesforce integration strategy

Engineering Manager, GetFeedback, Oct 2019 – Jun 2022

  • Led a team of five developers responsible for third-party integrations
  • Worked with a product manager and a designer to plan the future of the application
  • We created a new Salesforce integration microservice
  • We built a contact database for survey response attribution, with client-side spreadsheet import
  • We helped build a Zendesk integration upon news of a possible merger
  • We maintained and improved our existing Salesforce integration
  • Management style emphasized stability, medium-term goals, and clear business rationales

Senior Developer, full stack, GetFeedback, Apr 2018 – Oct 2019

  • Small team: I had responsibility for every aspect of the application
  • Many improvements and refinements to the Salesforce integration at the heart of the business
  • Implemented a print-friendly view of one of our main analytics reports; sounded simple until I found myself reading the Chromium source code
  • Wrote a quick and dirty tool to suggest possible fields for univariate segmentation
  • Implemented import and export of spreadsheets for multilanguage translations
  • With a co-worker, created a workflow generation feature
  • With a co-worker, added Twilio as a survey distribution method
  • A lot of backend work to support tax calculation
  • Connected one of our main analytics views to a live-updating object database

Senior Developer, full stack, Paperless Post, May 2011 – Dec 2017

  • Introduced React.js to the company through tech talks and mentorship
  • Architected and developed the card design tool using React.js
  • Guided the overall architecture and technical direction of the design tool
  • Developed the canvas-based card-display module which currently powers every aspect of the core business: desktop web, mobile web, the iOS app, and the image rendering pipeline
  • Designed and updated the underlying database tables, Rails models, and API routes
  • Over 500 Github pull requests worth of features, bugfixes, and refactorings

Senior Developer, The Phoenix Group, 2007–2011

A digital agency in Long Island. Implemented many fascinating interactive marketing experiences. Ask me for some war stories.

Freelance Web Developer, 2000–2007

A broad range of contract work. Many tech stacks, many levels. A real education; details available on request. A lot of great stories here as well.

Education #

BFA, Millikin University, IL