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My name is Alan MacDougall. I am a software developer who lives and works in NYC. I work mainly in JavaScript and Ruby these days, but I have experience all up and down the stack, from ReactJS webapps to raw SQL, and in many ecosystems and languages.

My heart is closer to the server-side than to the front end. I’m happier with SQL than HTML. I know my way around HTML and CSS, but I prefer to work with a skilled designer. I like to write code that is easy to understand and survives the test of time. To get the most out of me, give me a codebase smothered in technical debt and let me help you dig out.

I have worked on GetFeedback for the last few years, and am currently the engineering manager on the team which handles our most high-value integrations.

For the last six and a half years, I worked as a “middle-end” developer melding business logic with UI programming in a complex single-page application, the card design system at the heart of Paperless Post. I am proud to be have worked on such a successful system as part of a skilled team. Some of my contributions are summarized here.

In my spare time, I have written some technical articles and hacked on some side projects.

I am not looking for work.